Task: to develop a new design of packaging and bottle for men's toilet water based on one smell
I step
At the stage of the clause, the semantic method was used to select the key concepts - rock, iceberg, facets.
II step
III step
sketching - modeling
At this stage, the shape of the iceberg was analyzed and an image of a bottle of perfume was created: the bottle cap is a rock, the bottle itself is a double iceberg, one of which is turquoise-colored men's toilet water.

IV step
And also at the stage of sketching was developed brand name. It represents a stylized image of an iceberg as an embodiment of the inner power of a male character.
The main principle of packaging was developed - a retractable vial in the form of an iceberg
This toilet water contains such initial notes as lemon peel, lime, bergamot, grapefruit
Heart notes: mint, lavender, wood chord
Trail: Haitian vetiver, amber, musk

Target audience; men, 25-35 years old, motivated, wealthy, strong, persistent and aimed only at winning, so this aroma emphasizes masculinity at the expense of the dominant notes of freshness.

The trademark represents a stylized image of an iceberg as the inner power of a male character.

The packaging is made in the style of minimalism.
The font of the excited type emphasizes the style of the trademark. The color palette is also connected with the notes of toilet water and is oriented to the target audience.

Seriality is traced due to the unified style - minimalism. The general color of the package is black and matte. The trademark is an iceberg, but modified to the shape of the package.

V step
3D modeling and sizes
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