Development of a logo for a company that sells a semi-finished product of a high degree, prepared by technology Sous Vide*
*Sous vide means "cooking without air", i.e. under vacuum, but Sous Vide technology is something more, it is a combination of cooking in a vacuum container and cooking at low temperatures, followed by rapid cooling and regeneration. This technology is about obtaining high quality products, reducing losses during heat treatment, increasing shelf life and most importantly - fast cooking!
I step
search for an idea around the Name and the birth of the logo concept
variation 1
variation 2
variation 3
II step
concept creation
III step
presentation of the final idea
  • As a result, a unique trademark was developed and registered under the name "ДАР КУЛИНАРА"
  • Monochrome version of the mark and its scale
  • as well as the color scheme was defined and branded fonts were selected
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